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These warm Tiger OnesieAll In One / Tiger Pyjamas is one big cat Onesie in the Uk or USA you will love to have as a cuddly bedtime companion, black and orange stripes and furry feet and hood will help make bedtimes fun.

Now you can prowl around at night in your own fun feline and furry Tiger fancy dress costume and eat your frosties for breakfast the next morning like a real Tony the Tiger , they're Grrreat !

Available in various stripey designs and colours such as orange , white and black, these onesies are in demand now.The sizes available are small, medium, large, extra large , even xxl.
Design features such as a tail hood and ears are usually included, also non slip feet are a great safety idea to stop you from slipping on wooden floors etc.

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Tiger Pyjamas

Even tigger pyjamas and white or golden tiger designs are available to help your slumber, you may even dream of being in Africa chasing wildebeest or deer onesies.

You only live once so why not treat yourself or the ones you love to a useful and fun Tiger Onsie now theyre friendlier than leopard print onesies and lion all in ones ? They can even be considered to be a tiger print dressing gown. News just in that celebrities like Pink are starting a trend of wearing them outdoors, this may just catch on.

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Panthera tigris onesie for latin speaking sleepsuit buyers, thats posh innit.

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